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Went for a good walk today.

Do not in any way shape or form expect to fucking talk to me after the horrible things you said to me and mckayla. Your a horrible excuse for a human being and you should probably shut the fuck up and leave us both alone. No one around here likes you. Your as two faced as they come Keith. Go. Away.


Just because your girl or whatever is your girl doesn’t mean she won’t go out and hang out with her other friends. THAT DOESNT MEAN SHE IS FUCKING HER GUY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You #cantfixstupid #si #wishihadanuncle #likesi

When you drive me home, take the long way ‘round <3 all you gotta do is put a drink in my hand!!

If that ring gets a little too tight you might as well read me my last rights<3

I love my hair today!! :)

It’s so curly :)

I love soup. #geraldines #bakeshoppeanddeli♥

Lo and behold! The greatest snacks in all of snack history! One where you can enjoy cheez-it crackers, wheat squares, pretzel sticks, bread slices, pretzel twists and rice balls and the other a great creation from the mighty cooks of the jack link’s beef jerky. #gettingmysnackon

ok s my TUMBLR was created bcuz my cousion has one and i thought it looked cool and so i wanted one and plus i cant log into my blogger and thought "yeah this is gonna be about unicorns only bcuz i love them and think that they are the shit hahaha :)

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